Post Surgery: Day 5

It is hard to believe it has been an entire week since Zoe was born.  The last 7 days are all a blur... meshing together into one really long day.  So much has happened in such a short time and yet it feels like we are moving in slow motion.

This morning was pretty routine.  I woke up early with the toddler, took my pain meds, pumped and called Zoe's nurse.  I do the same routine before going to bed at night too!  Zoe's day nurse for the past two days has been Linda.  We usually get the same nurse for 2 days and then it switches.  We have had so many wonderful nurses and it's always a bummer when they switch because I connect with one and then move on to another.  When I called, Linda told me that the night nurse said Zoe's belly twitched a couple times and that she had a really good night.  She said today is a pretty low key day of waking up.  They plan to reduce her pain meds to the lowest dosage, which will help her to eventually wake up.  

Today I decided to stay home and have a lazy day with Lulu.  Aside from Londyn waking up at 1am screaming "Mommy, Daddy... Mommy, Daddy!!!" pounding on the door and then waking up at 6am... it has been a good day.  We have been watching way more TV that we should, playing blocks, drawing on her Aquadoodle and snuggling.  It's been really good for Londyn to have a normal day with Mom at home.  Even though she is struggling a lot, throwing fits and getting emotional about the strangest things (just imagine a toddler PMSing), she isn't being naughty or intentionally difficult.  She is just responding to all that is going on.  Quite frankly, I think she is doing a pretty darn good job!

We also got a surprise visit from my friend Steph.  She brought a couple balloons for Lulu, homemade muffins and a DC for me!  She had kiddos in the car and even thought she fought me on it, she let them come in and play with Lulu for a while.  Londyn had a blast and was laughing so hard!  I have already planned an arranged marriage with Steph's 3 year old Zack, so it's only fitting that they spend lots of time together.

After our visit with friends, it was nap time.  After getting a few things done sans toddler, I got a good solid hour of deep sleep.  Londyn took about a 3 hour nap and needed every minute of it.

Andrew has Wednesdays off, but is a teachers' assistant for one of his teachers and needs to put in 8 hours per week, so he went in today for a few hours and then came home to do homework.  I don't know how he is juggling everything going on, full time school and still manages to be a supportive husband and dad.  Londyn is so attached to her dad and has brought her a lot of comfort through her many meltdowns.

I called in for another update this afternoon and Linda said that when she does anything hands on, Zoe wiggles her toes.  This was BIG news!  But not as big as the surprise we got when we went to the hospital this evening.  We arrived at about 6ish and right when we got there, Linda said that she had a surprise for us.  We walked into Zoe's room and saw her looking back at us with two very sleepy but oh so precious brown eyes.  Linda said she had just opened them right before we got there.  Andrew and I just stood by her bedside, gushing over her.  It was one of those moments that we will cherish forever.

Our nurse was able to capture the moment that we first saw her beautiful eyes

Peek-a-boo, Zoe see's YOU!

Before surgery, Andrew discovered that Zoe did not like having her feet touched... so of course, we did it today to get her to open her eyes.  Hey... you do whatcha gotta do!

Daddy loves her newest daughter

Trying so hard to keep those sleepy eyes open

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