The Perfect Heart

My parents have been here for us in every way through this entire experience.  They have taken care of Londyn, made a bazillion trips to the hospital and back, made sure Andrew is getting fed and I am not overdoing it.  

They were here bright and early before both my c-section and Zoe's surgery, sticking around from start to finish.  After I was settled in recovery after my c-section, they snuck away to run a secret errand.  They came back with a small Fred Meyer Jewelers bag and told me to open it.  They gave me a beautiful heart-shaped necklace.  Just like Zoe's heart is different on her left side, so is the heart on my necklace.  It even has diamonds on it, which is the birthstone for April.  To top it all off, the name of this necklace is "The Perfect Heart".  Even though Zoe's heart is different than most, it is still perfect because it belongs to a perfect baby girl.  Zoe's unique heart is part of who she is and I love her even more for the strength that she has to endure.  

I am so blessed to have my parents' support through this difficult time.  They inspire me to be strong for my own daughters.  


Victoria said...

What a beautiful post...brought a tear to my unemotional eye. I've been praying for Baby Zoe and your family (:

Emily said...

That is so beautiful! I am so happy for you all and your beautiful gift-Zoe!

Christin said...

Kacie I'm so glad that things are going better than expected for you and your baby. You really are an inspiration of faith and I hope things continue to go well for you and your family!