Londyn Lately

Londyn has been such a trooper through this crazy time.  My mom said that she was wonderful for them while we were in the hospital.  Since we got home, she has had a really hard time.  I think she has reached her maximum limit of going with the flow.  Lulu is a routine, schedule and structure kind of girl... which is the exact opposite of how things are right now.  Luckily, the people she is with every day are people she knows and loves.  I so appreciate my family for being able and willing to take Londyn pretty much anytime, but it is hard when I am around and she would rather be with her cousins than me.  With one baby in the hospital, I look for comfort from my first born.  Since I am still taking it easy at home, we are getting lots of snuggle time on the couch and watching TV.  She loves the TV and I love the snuggles.  It's a win/win.

Lulu also loves talking about her sister.  We gave her a bath the other day and she said, "Zoe not my sister, she my friend sister."  Today I showed her pictures of Zoe and she said, "Oh she's so cute, mom!  She's so cute!"  Even with all of the tubes and her scar, Londyn only saw her cute baby sister.  She makes my day!

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