Post-Surgery: Day 2

Three days old and 2 days post-surgery, our little miracle is recovering comfortably. 

She received a blood transfusion yesterday morning which brought back color in her face. The doctors' main concern is all the fluid and puffiness, so dialysis was started to help flush out some of the extra fluid in her body.    They are doing everything they can to reduce the swelling and once that takes place, they will feel confident about closing her chest.  I just called Zoe's nurse Tiffany and she gave us the news that Zoe won't be ready tomorrow to have her chest closed and it will most likely be done Tuesday or Wednesday.  Bummer.  I was really hoping for Monday as closing her chest is the next big step.  I just have to remember that we are on "ZOE TIME" and nothing else matters.  On the bright side, once her chest is closed, we are looking at 10-14 days until we can bring her home.  That is just a ball park number, but I'll take it!  Considering we were prepared for 4-6 weeks, 10-14 days is so much better than we could have ever imagined!

Today is a bittersweet day because I am being discharged from the Birth Center.  I have never wanted to stay in a hospital so badly.  My pain level is still very high and having the nurses available 24/7 has been such a blessing.  The incision site is super painful and up until yesterday, it wasn't causing any problems.  But, I tried using the Belly Bandit (compression wrap) last night and the pressure made my incision bleed.  Ugh.  It was not pretty and hurt too!  Another issue has been my milk.  I feel so helpless when it comes to Zoe because physically, there isn't anything I can do for her at this time except pray, stay positive and take care of myself so that I will be ready and here when she needs me.  I wasn't able to breastfeed Londyn because I got Mastitis and frankly, it was just too much for me to handle.  But with Zoe, I am determined to at least pump and try to breastfeed when she is able.  I was up last night for hours and hours, working with my nurses because I was having issues pumping.  It's a lot of work and I feel like I have no clue what the heck I'm doing, but if it will help my baby to be stronger and healthier- I'm all for it!

I have been debating on whether I want to go home or just stay with Zoe in the PICU.  They have it all set up so that parents can stay overnight with their baby.  After going back and forth with the idea, I have decided to go home and spend at least 1 or 2 nights with Londyn in our own home.  I hate to leave Zoe here but something the nurse told me really eased my worries.  She said that when Zoe is ready to go home, she will need my 100% undivided attention, physically and emotionally.  Right now, the best thing I can do for her is to take care of myself, get lots of rest and heal.
Here is our "Little Hulk" as Daddy calls her.


With Zoe's chest still left open, we aren't able to hold her.  But, we can touch her.  I love to hold her tiny hands, feet and head. Here is Andrew holding Zoe's right hand.  If all goes well, we will be able to hold her about 1 or 2 days after Dr. John closes her chest.  


Kari said...

If you need help pumping I can direct you to an amazing lactation consultant. ( my mom) she also works at the milk bank providing delicate newborns with healthy breast milk.

The Dummfamily said...

This looks all too familiar! I'm so glad she is doing well! Welcome to the "Heart Mom" world. These heart babies are such blessings. Watching them breaks our hearts. But when we let the Savior and our love for these little ones put the pieces back together, our hearts are better and stronger than they were before. Sending prayers your way! --The Dummers

LindseySoren said...

Your family has been in our thoughts and prayers.