Zoe's 1st Surgery

Our sweet baby Zoe, sleeping in Daddy's arms at just 1 day old.  

Andrew and I went to Zoe's room at 6:45am this morning to kiss and love on Zoe before her big surgery.  After meeting with the anesthesiologist, several nurses came in to take her down to the operating room.

Andrew pushed me in a wheel chair and then we said our "see you laters"... even though I knew she was in great hands, it was really difficult letting her go.

Nurse and Anesthesiologist taking Zoe down to surgery

 This is the edible arrangement that I received from my mom.  She sent me one when I had Londyn and I have been looking forward to its arrival my entire pregnancy!  While anxiously waiting for updates throughout the surgery we got some much needed rest, prayed, I took a shower, prayed, watched mindless tv, prayed and my favorite- enjoyed this yummy treat.  Oh yeah, and then prayed some more.  

Thanks mom!

Throughout the surgery, we received updates from Tami, one of the case managers with the Cardiology group.  From start to finish, Tami's updates were all very positive and promising.  It took a bit longer to start all the IV lines and anesthesia, but once those were under control-  the procedure was off and rolling.  

About an hour before her surgery was complete, Tami called and let us know that they were just about finished and everything was going really well.  They were able to take her off the pump, leaving her heart to successfully pump all on it's own.

After a total of 9 hours had passed, 13 tubes/lines in her tiny body and a full cardiac medical team working their hardest for our little Zoe, the surgery was complete.  The Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Dr. Iguidbashian (AKA Dr. John) came by at about 4pm to give us the good news.  He said that Zoe has a very strong heart and it couldn't have gone better.  Considering the first surgery is the most critical of the three procedures, this news came as a huge relief and answer to SO many prayers!

Following surgery, Zoe was transferred to her new room in the Pediatric ICU.  Her chest has been left open   until the swelling goes down.  Luckily, Tami prepared us with pictures of what other babies looked like after open heart surgery.  Otherwise, the shock of seeing her open chest, along with a bazillion tubes would have been far too overwhelming.  Initially, it was very difficult to see Zoe in such a fragile state.  But, underneath it all- she is still our beautiful baby!  We are praying that they will be able to close up her chest on Monday, as scheduled.  If not, they will attempt to close on Tuesday.  Dr. John assured us that it is a short and simple procedure that will be done right in her room.

After she is stable in the PICU, she will then be transferred to the Pediatric Ward where they will continue to monitor her progress.  Once she is independently eating and breathing, she will be able to come home!

To our surprise, Dr. John said we are probably looking at about 10 days from her chest being closed, until we can finally bring Zoe home.  I repeat: 10 DAYS!  That is a huge difference between the 4-6 weeks that we were previously told.  Ultimately, we don't want to bring her home until they have all the confidence in the world that she is ready- but sooner than later is ideal!  

I love her chubs and big feet!

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