Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was absolutely perfect!  

My Uncle Kevin married his beautiful wife Kathy in the Portland Temple, followed by a luncheon at Macaroni Gril with most of my mom's family.  I even got to see my cute cousin Kayti and her family.  Kayti and I are only a year apart and shared some memorable years in Provo as roommates.  It had been 2 years since I last saw her... I miss her everyday and spending time with her was like no time had passed.

Andrew helped my grandparents move into an assisted living facility most of Friday night and Saturday.  He is such a hard worker and my grandma and grandpa really appreciated the help . They are so loved!

Londyn and I hung out with the fam at my grandparents new pad in the morning.  We then went to the park, followed by an Easter egg hunt in Sherwood.  Lulu was very selective about which eggs/items she was going to place in her basket.  She had to open each egg, evaluate it's contents and then proceed.  It's a good thing she was in the same age category as all the babies, because she was about as slow as the mud that the hunt was in the middle of.  Luckily, the sunshine joined us and made for a perfect egg hunt setting!

With church at 9am ,we had to hustle our buns in the morning and wake Londyn up to check out her loot from the Easter Bunny.  Her Easter basket (pile) was a little overboard this year, mostly because I got her a bunch of stuff that is specifically for when I am in the hospital and lots of activities to keep her occupied when we are visiting Zoe in the hospital.  Her favorite toy is the Aquadoodle.  We actually had to search a bit for this item, but Londyn had a playdate with our neighbor Lucy a couple weeks ago and fell in love with this toy.  She loves it!  If you don't have one, you need it!  I don't know how many times we have threatened and actually thrown out all of her crayons because she thinks their soul purpose is to be peeled and broken to bits.  The Aquadoodle is a super lightweight mat and when  you use the water-filled pen, it colors the mat!  As the water dries, the mat clears and then the fun starts all over again!  Genius, I tell you.

After church, naps were had by all and then we headed to my parents house for family dinner.  The traditional egg hunt took place and Londyn made out like a bandit.  The grandkids get totally spoiled with money, candy and more candy-filled eggs.  It's fun to watch Lulu be able to participate in these traditions all on her own now.  She is just one of the big kids now!

Dinner was delish and the sun was bright!  I couldn't have asked for a better weekend.

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