Londyn Lately {2 years 9 months}

These last few weeks have been bittersweet as the days of just Londyn and I are down to few.  We have been talking a lot about baby Zoe.  She is well aware of the plan and ready to get this show on the road.  Londyn tells me that her cousin Megan will sleepover on Tuesday night.  Zoe will be born at the hospital and she will come visit us there - every day.  She know's that she is going to stay with Auntie Nell and Grandma Milne in her princess bed with her new Hello Kitty suitcase... of course.  Being away from Londyn is really hard for me and I tear up just thinking about it! (Blame it on the hormones)  I know that she will be in the best hands, but it's still hard knowing that for several days... they're not my hands.  

Nevertheless, she continues to bring joy to our home every day.  Her little-big spirit is what gets me through every day and everything.  

If she saw these pictures, she would say "That's silly" "That's crazy" or "That's hilarious"

The sun has occasionally come out to play this lat week and we have soaked up every chance to get outside!

The Milne girls put on an Easter Kids Day Camp over Spring Break and Londyn could not wait to go!  She loves the Milne cousins and felt like such a big girl, going to her own camp.  They dyed Easter eggs, had an Easter egg hunt, did crafts, ate lunch and had a blast!  Although, she was not a happy camper when I picked her up.  Her mood changed instantly.  
The cousins also hold an annual Summer kids camp for an entire week and I can't wait for Lulu to attend this year!  She's just growing up so fast.  

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The Dummfamily said...

Our family will be sending major prayers your way as you welcome your little Zoe into the family. --Shannon Dummer