Post Surgery: Day 11

Tuesday morning was MOVING DAY!  

We finally left the Intensive Care Unit and entered the wonderful world of the 4th floor. 

I couldn't believe it... this was a huge step towards going home.  I called Zoe's nurse Denise to find out when and what room she would be moving to and by 10:30am, there was still no word.  By 11am, I called again (I know... I'm the annoying mom that calls over and over again) and YAY- room 244 is our temporary home!

I cannot even begin to express the amount of gratitude I have for all of the nurses that took such great care of our Zoe when we could not.  They played such a huge part in giving her the most comfortable and stable start that she could get, considering the circumstances.  It is rare to be able to trust another individual with this new little life that has been growing inside of you for 9 months... but somehow, the nurses at Emmanuel accomplished that very difficult task.

{Last few minutes in the PICU}

{Movin' on down... to the Peds floor!}

{Our NEW Room on the Peds floor}

{All bundled in her first crib}

{Mom's first diaper change with Zoe at 11 days old}

*Auntie Nell & Uncle Todd brought BIG sister Lulu to visit*
{Uncle Todd is the Infant Whisperer}

{Lulu munching on my dinner and LOVING the wall length dry erase board}

{SO excited to hold her little sister for the very first time!}

{This moment... priceless.}

{I just love my babies}

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Kelly(M&M) said...

Such sweet pictures. I love the pics of Zoe and Lulu. I am glad your sweet baby is recovering so well.